'Silver Linings' costumes to be sold on Amazon

Bradley Cooper stars in "Silver Linings Playbook." The film received 8 Oscar nods, including Cooper as best actor Thursday morning.

Who wants a slice of Pat Solatano?

Movie memorabilia and auction company Premiere Props announced Tuesday that a large collection of items from the Oscar-nominated, locally-shot film, Silver Linings Playbook, are now available for purchase on its site and Amazon.com.

Costumes and props from the film up for grabs include Bradley Cooper's memorable running costume, the Franklin football he carries under his left arm (pictured), outfits worn by Jennifer Lawrence, and even, the copy of Farewell to Arms that Solatano chucked out his parents' window in one scene of the movie.

But this is the best! Straight from the set of the film, the company is selling copies of the Philadelphia Inquirer - a 2008 edition of the paper grasped by Robert De Niro in one pointed scene of the film - for $129.99.

"We actually sent trucks to Philadelphia and brought the items straight from the set to Los Angeles," explained Dan Levin, Vice President of Premiere Props, who curated the lot. The value of the items are determined as part of a two-fold process: What is the historical value of the piece? And how does it relate to the particular film? Essentially, "How long was it on screen, and how memorable is it?" he adds.

In addition to the items available for purchase on Amazon.com, the company also plans to auction additional movie props and costumes at its Hollywood Extravaganza IX on Mar. 2-3, which will take place after the Oscars are distributed this coming Sunday. Levin says that based on previous accounts, once a film and its actors receive Academy Awards, the value of certain items skyrocket- something interested buyers should consider with regards to the heavily-nominated Silver Linings Playbook. He also says a certificate of authenticity is distributed with each item, which boosts the item's value.

As for Levin's favorite piece from Playbook? "His running suit with the plastic bag," he says of Solatano's gray Adidas track jacket with the "South Darby High School" patch, running pants, Natural Basix turtleneck, thermal top and bottoms with fat padding, and charcoal rip knit cap, all part of the $699.99 costume lot currently up for grabs.

"We have three-four tracksuits [worn by Bradley Cooper on set]," says Levin. "But only one plastic bag for sale." He adds that the item will be part of the live auction next month, which people can participate in either by bidding at the actual Premiere Props location in Los Angeles, through the company's website, or on the phone.

Let the bidding wars begin!