Office Style: Skai Blue Media

Office Style featuring the employees of Skai Blue.

For the latest edition of "Office Style," we visited the employees at Skai Blue Media, a multimedia public relations agency specializing in lifestyle & fashion, in their Philadelphia Midtown Village office to see how the work they do reflects each of their own personal style.

"We are in an industry where we're talking to people about branding and image. So obviously there has to be some sort of code or rule or rhyme or reason to what we're wearing here. The people that I brought in here already know like, 'Hey, you're working at Skai Blue Media. It's Rakia Reynolds.' There is some sort of style ethics going on but there's never anything I've ever had to put in writing or tell people. When I tell you, 'People come here cute,' they come here cute and that's really what it is. I've never mandated any sort of fashion code where you have to do this or you have to do that. Everyone pretty much does it on there own. Just be cute and comfortable."

- Rakia Reynolds, president of Skai Blue Media