Nike pulls 'Boston Massacre' shirts after Marathon bombing

Nike has pulled this T-shirt from the market. (Courtesy photo)

Nike has pulled its T-shirts with the bloodied words "Boston Massacre" splattered in red, white and gray across navy fabric after last Monday's Marathon tragedy.

A spokesman for the athletic wear company told ABC News the retailer has removed all "Boston Massacre" tees from its factory outlet stores, and from online retailers like Fanatics Inc.

The "Boston Massacre" phrase emerged as a commonly-used colloquial expression among Yankees fans, after the New York baseball team had ended the Boston Red Sox's playoff chances in 1978. The tees were distributed in 2006. Although Nike has pulled the shirts from stores, the tees are still for sale on eBay.

But really, who would wear, let alone pay $129.97 for the shirt now?

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