Natural hair, natural living and YouTube

Whitney, known on YouTube as Naptural85, is a natural hair and living blogger. (Photo via YouTube)

Syreeta Scott, owner of Duafe Holistic Hair Care, knew it was time to make a lifestyle change when her grandmother died of diabetes.

“What I knew was that I come from a family filled with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, you name it,” she said.

So, to combat the seemingly hereditary effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices, Scott became a vegetarian. While she is no longer a vegetarian, she is still mindful of what she eats and understands that the way she eats and lives directly affects the health of her hair.

Foods that encourage natural hair health, she said, include avocados, leafy green vegetables and plenty of water. Her favorite breakfast is plain oatmeal with flax seed, strawberries and coconut oil. This meal provides her with the ever important omega 3-6-9 fatty acids which are thought to lower the risk of heart disease, promote healthy skin and raise HDL or “good” cholesterol.

Other naturals have taken to YouTube to share their tips and tricks about promoting and maintaining healthy hair growth.

Naptural85 is a blogger named Whitney whose natural hair journey became a lifestyle. From flaxseed, she makes an all natural hair gel.

Franchesca Medina of Hey Fran Hey is a natural living blogger who, rather than wash her hair with shampoo, uses conditioner to cleanse her hair and clarifies her scalp with apple cider vinegar when build-up occurs.

Kimmaytube’s Kim Love set a goal to achieve waist-length hair and within five years she surpassed that goal. She colors her hair using an all natural technique with henna and indigo, both plants.

Watch each holistic hair care video blogger (respectively) below: