Model Uses Hurricane Sandy Aftermath As Photoshoot Backdrop

Social media was rife with Sandy photos (real and faux) Sunday evening when the storm ransacked the region, destroying properties, causing mass evacuations, leaving millions without power, and mercilessly taking dozens of lives.

So imagine the disbelief of those who caught wind of Brazilian model and Manhattan resident Nana Gouvêa, who with her husband ventured out to the streets of New York to survey the storm's damage and take some photos. The result, seen above, is a photoshoot gone awry. (Gawker)

While we're on the topic of Sandy- After the superstorm ravaged parts of the northeast corridor Sunday evening, LES residents including fashion's biggest figures were forced out of their downtown homes in droves, settling into posh, upscale hotels. Life must be so hard for Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs at the moment. (Fashionista)

Wonder what Heidi Klum looks like without makeup? Now you know. (US Weekly)

There was some nip action on The X Factor's live show Wednesday evening, thanks to host Khloe Kardashian, who made her primetime debut in a sheer purple blouse... sans a bra... before millions of viewers. Have these stars ever heard of the term, discretion? Maybe not. (The Daily Mail)