Buzz Bissinger: Best-selling author, self-proclaimed shopaholic

What would Frida Giannini say?

Best-selling, Philly-based author Buzz Bissinger clearly has a knack for writing and reporting. But a crippling addiction to shopping is the latest personal revelation from Bissinger shared in an essay published in the April issue of GQ magazine.

"I have an addiction," he writes.

"It isn't drugs or gambling: I get to keep what I use after I use it. But there are similarities: the futile feeding of the bottomless beast and the unavoidable psychological implications, the immediate hit of the new that feels like an orgasm and the inevitable coming-down."

The 58-year-old writer discloses that it's not his media credentials that landed him in the front row (or in Bissinger's words, "The FROW") of Gucci's Pitti Uomo show in Milan last summer, but his qualifications - a word he uses repeatedly - as one of the brand's top clients. In the piece, he affectionately touts the luxury retailer and writes, "The Gucci brand has always held special power for me, ever since the 1960s, when the Gucci loafer with the horsebit hardware was the rage, and my father, who fancied himself as being anti-status when he secretly loved it, broke down and bought a pair."

By the numbers, Bissinger has amassed the following items:

43 Gucci designer pieces
81 leather jackets
41 pairs of leather pants (The most expensive: $5,600)
1 Gucci ostrich skin jacket valued at $13,900
75 pairs of boots (The priciest: $2,600)
32 pairs of "haute couture" jeans, not to be confused with premium denim (Most expensive pair costs $2,500)
10 evening jackets (Most expensive: Black napa leather with gold threading valued at $9,800)
115 pairs of leather gloves (Most expensive: $1,015)
$638,412.97: The amount Bissinger spent on designer items over the course of the past three years.

So why did Bissinger choose to publicly disclose the information regarding his debilitating addiction? He says he wanted to hold himself accountable - so that he would seek help. Since the piece was published Tuesday, Bissinger has told NBC News that he has checked himself into rehab.

A Gucci spokeswoman declined to respond to Bissinger's essay. Read his full GQ piece, here.