Matthew McConaughey launches a clothing line

Matthew McConaughey needed to lose weight for his role in "Dallas Buyers Club."

Watch out y’all – Mr. McConaughey is manufacturing his signature laid-back style for the masses. The Dallas Buyers Club star recently launched his JKL Brand label on the lowdown – the “JKL” stands for the his motto “Just keep livin’.” 

The male-exclusive line is available at Dillards and caters to rugged, refined, modern adventurers. Graphic tees ($17.50) feature very McConaughey sayings like “Keep the Eye High” and “Leave it like you found it.”

A portion of every sale benefits the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation, a non-profit created by the actor that helps provide after-school fitness and wellness programs for inner city schools.

JKL is getting ready to release its spring 2014 collection, which is full of shortsleeve plaids and board shorts – we’re talking Fool’s Gold style.


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