Margherita Missoni welcomes baby

FILE- This Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009 file photo shows Margherita Missoni, at center in white, the granddaughter of Rosita, left, and Ottavio Missoni, second from left, and designer Angela Missoni, Margherita's mother, right, after Margherita performed the traditional "Flight of the Angel" hanging from a cable tied from the bell tower to St. Mark's Square in Venice, northern Italy. It's all about the jet-setter life on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif, and next week multiple generations of Missonis as well as supermodel Iman will land there. They're the newest honorees of the Rodeo Walk of Style, which gives fashion influencers a permanent place to celebrate their signature looks. (AP Photo/Luigi Costantini, File)

There's a plethora of zig-zag prints for this baby boy.

Margherita Missoni and her husband, Eugenio Amos, welcomed their first child, Otto Hermann Amos, on Friday.

The heiress of the Missoni house shared the progress of her pregnancy with her fans. On Thursday, she shared that she had broken her wrist while walking around her courtyard.

The cutest baby gift we've seen so far is this adorable toy car from Audi that Amos, a racecar driver, posted four days ago.