Grab your free hats at Hat Day in the Sun

The Headwear Association's seventh annual Hat Day in the Sun takes place Thursday, June 19 at US*U.S. Designer Co-op and Boutique on 323 Arch Street at noon. (iStock)

Hats off to The Headwear Association!

In an effort to combat the most common form of cancer, melanoma, The Headwear Association (THA) will be holding its seventh annual Hat Day in the Sun on Thursday, June 19, where they’ll be giving away free sun protection hats. A national event, Philadelphia’s Hat Day in the Sun will be held at US*U.S. Designer Co-op & Boutique on 323 Arch Street starting at noon.

Hat Day in the Sun will not only provide attendees with sun protection headwear but also aims to educate them on the importance of skin protection and preventative action against skin cancer. Their site, for example, says that 90 percent of all skin cancers are caused by over-exposure to the sun. To quell the damaging effects of the sun, THA recommends purchasing hats with brims at least 2.5 inches that contour the head and neck.

Free hats will be provided by Broner Hats, Dorfman-Pacific, Bollman Hat Company, Magid Hats, Wallaroo Hats, Korber Hats, San Diego Hat Company and Head'n Home Hats.

Founded in 1908, THA is the oldest organization of its kind in the fashion industry. Their mission is to promote hats and headwear worldwide. This year the organization named Pharrell Williams 'Hat Person of the Year,' no doubt due in part to his fetching new signature topper, the Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat. In 2012, Kate Middleton gained the exclusive hat person title, an honor also bestowed on movie stars Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.