John Galliano apologizes in interview with Charlie Rose

It was his first TV interview in more than two years and his first-ever sober appearance to be televised.

Second chances for John Galliano are rapidly becoming a reality, but the disgraced designer's comeback has certainly been a painful journey. His expressions during his interview with Charlie Rose filmed Wednesday night conveyed just how scared, ashamed and reticent he was to fully immerse himself back into the world. For someone who has largely remained a hermit, shielded from the public eye since the scandal broke two and a half years ago, Galliano's foray and return to fashion actually applies in greater scope to his everyday lifestyle.

Though the recently-published Vanity Fair profile did justice to Galliano's sentiments of deep regret and remorse following his 2011 anti-Semitic rant outside a Parisian cafe which subsequently lead to his firing as creative director of Dior, physically watching and hearing the apology flow out of the storied talent's mouth brought more clout to his apologetic media tour.

Charlie Rose asked, "You recognize that what you said was hateful, vile, anti-Semitic?" To which Galliano promptly responded, "I do. I apologize. And I am trying to make amends in the best way that I can." The intensity of the moment revealed just one startling observation: Though the masses may have slowly forgiven the designer for his actions, it seems as if there's one person who cannot let it go: Galliano himself.

The range of topics covered by Rose included some uncomfortable and deeply personal revelations including Galliano's thoughts on suicide to his lifestyle as a "fully functioning addict." And recently, the designer's newly forged relationship with God. "Sometimes, I was acting like God. And now I know I'm not in the driver's seat," he said.

The recovering alcholic continues to make amends for his transgressions, but the most important path to healing and moving forward in his life boils down to the simplicity in accepting what's past and forging a bright future ahead. The public, it seems, has largely forgiven him for what's happened. Now only Galliano can make this happen.

Watch the full interview, here.