Election Night: A Three-peat from Michelle Obama

Her Election Night outfit, described as a "magenta silk chine pin-tucked dress" by Michael Kors' ecstatic PR team, was one that FLOTUS has already worn on two different occasions.

So what? Why is this remotely significant, one might ask?

The First Lady, like other key, well-dressed political figures who generate immense retail sales - Kate Middleton being another example - sends a message through her style. She's a champion of the political dialect she projects through her selections. After all, Michelle Obama is painfully aware of the public scrutiny she faces with each and every appearance she makes, and Election Night is certainly an opportunity for FLOTUS to make a magnanimous statement through her carefully curated look.

By choosing this particular dress, the First Lady sent a message to the American people: She wanted the country to know that new isn't necessarily always better, and that sometimes, what's familiar and old is still good.