Customers upset over Target's plus-size dress offered in the 'Manatee Gray' color

The offending product name of the maxi dress found in "Manatee Gray" on Target's website received some backlash from consumers.

It's a plus-size flap over a plus-size product.

Mega-retailer Target found itself in a wee bit of predicament after self-proclaimed "digital maven" Susan Clemens  stumbled upon a plus-size maxi dress in a dark gray hue described as "Manatee Gray" on its website. In contrast, the standard-size maxi dresses offered in that same color were described as "Dark Heather Gray." Clemens immediately called out Target for the ill-named product via Twitter, and the retailer promptly apologized for the inadvertent flap.

When asked by Forbes if this was intentional, or an employee's idea of a cruel joke, a Target spokesman retorted, "absolutely not." He added, “This was an unfortunate oversight and we’ll take it into consideration moving forward.”

In Target's defense, the "Manatee Gray" hue is available for a number of products across its website - not only applicable to plus-size articles of clothing. Also, manatees - as seen in the accompanying photo - are adorable. So consider this a crisis averted for Target, and a note to retailers to consider their colors!

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