Converse releases a monochromatic, rubber rain sneaker

A pair of Converse's new Fall 2014 Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber collection in yellow. (via Converse)

On day two of the Made in America festival, for the first time in the music show’s history, it rained. A lot.

Concertgoers were told to leave the premises until a severe storm alert was lifted and activities resumed less than an hour after they were cut short. How many of those adamant Danny Brown fans do you think came equipped with rain boots on that sticky 92-degree day?

Long visible in the music and style community — from rapper Mack 10’s “My Chucks,” to the sneaker brand’s creative collaboration with Wiz Khalifa — Converse will be releasing its All Star Rubber collection in the U.S. on Sept. 15.

I was given a pair of rubber chucks to review. Here’s what I think:


They look really cool: The monochromatic rubber shoes are super cute. They come in six adult colors and my favorites, the pair I received, are the mustardy-yellow version. Not too bright, but not too dark, the shoes can be worn with a colorful outfit and add a pop to a neutral ensemble.

The premise is great: People wear chucks with their cool-looking outfits. Rarely are rain boots chic enough not to disturb an outfit’s desired aesthetic. The press release emphasizes these shoes can be work during music festival mud pits. I completely agree and wouldn’t hesitate to throw the sneakers on whether it’s raining or not. 


They’re too tight: Chucks usually run a half size too big so my normal size, a woman’s six-and-a-half, was sized down to a six. But these chucks prove a new challenge. To help keep water out, the tongue is attached from the toe of the shoe until the high-top begins. It’s definitely necessary (my first thought was, if the tongue just comes out as it does in typical sneakers, how will it keep out the rain) but I definitely could’ve stood a bigger shoe. 

The tongue's still open at the top: They may be rubber, but they’re still sneakers. The tongue of the shoe reveals gaps at the top where water will probably be able to seep through.

All in all, the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber collection offers a smart rubber sneaker well overdue. Just make sure you try before you buy.