Brace yourselves for the ‘mom jean’ comeback

The 'mom jean' is back. J Brand's 1265 Ace style is featured above.

The threat of resurgence has been looming since 2012. When presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a man of boundless wealth and taste, unabashedly chose the mom jean for his campaign trail wardrobe, I sensed it coming.

The infamously frumpy silhouette is popping up on fashion bloggers’ must-have lists for spring 2014. Not much has changed since the early 90’s: same high waist, same tapered leg, same freakishly long butt effect.

When styled properly, however, the modern mom jean can look effortlessly cool, even urban chic.

Fashion-risk extraordinaire Miley Cyrus experimented with a mom jean hybrid at a public event in 2013. People’s ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ Gwyneth Paltrow was also spotted wearing a more traditional mom jean just last month.

So how should the modern woman style this look?

First off, it’s crucial to keep every other aspect of your outfit understated. Avoid long, flowing shirts and opt instead for form-fitting, cropped, or tucked-in tops.

Experiment with different proportions. Counter the high waistline of your pant with a hip-length blazer or thigh-length wool coat.

Keep your midsection neutral by avoiding belts that practically scream ‘Do you SEE how high my pants are!?’

Complete your look with a flat loafer, pointed pump, or ankle bootie. Sneakers are not an option. You’re going for fashionista mom, not soccer mom.

Ready to resurrect your inner Kelly Kapowski and give this look a try? Urban Outfitters carries The Mom for $59. High-end options are also available from J Brand and McGuire. Be forewarned, this item that may require a pre-purchase trip to the dressing room.

Have fun with this look and don’t take it too seriously. Even if the trend crashes and burns, at least it doesn’t cause permanent bodily injury like Spanx.

In a society that has openly embraced both jeggings and velour sweatpants with sexual innuendos printed on the rear, is it so unfathomable to believe that mom jeans can make a comeback?