Dirty secrets: 5 ways to wear your dirty hair

A dirty hair day doesn’t need to be bad hair day.

You’re having one of those mornings. You planned on waking up early to wash your hair, but then in no time at all the snooze button seemed like a much better option.

PERFECT…because dirty hair holds style better than clean hair anyway. WMMR Preston & Steve celebrity hair stylist, Angela Perfetto from Gravity Salon in Ambler, reveals to us five styles for that not-so-clean hair day.

“With the right styling tools and a few instructional tips these looks can be achieved by anyone”, says Angela. Don’t know where to buy these tools? “Most people forget about Sally’s Beauty Supply store, a one-stop shop where you can find all of your hair accessory needs,” she advises. So grab your dry shampoo as Ang shares with us all her dirty (hair) secrets!

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