Philly Tech Trunk Show Makes a Fashion Statement

Some flaunt their tech as a fashion statement. Others use tech to sell their fashions. If you’re more interested in the latter than the former, you should be checking out  TechinMotionPhilly’s Tech Trunk Show tomorrow, bringing together local IT and retail guys using technology to move the merch.

Synchronized to  Philadelphia Fashion Week, the event will put the spotlight on the recently launched mobile commerce platform Clutch (and co-founder CCO Andy O’Dwell) which claims to aggregate 100,000 deals, offers and rebates a day; plus the co-mingling of on line sales with “bricks and mortar”  retailing which local fashion purveyor Kembrel is now juggling.  Kembrel co-founder Stephan Jacob will explain all.

And if you’re looking for insights on how wearable tech might help users identify and  buy  into the next hot fashion trend, Det Ansinn of BrickSimple should have some answers. A pioneer in Google Glass app building with his company Brick Simple, Ansinn and team have already developed the first multi-player game, medical device integration and automobile integration applications for those brainiac Google glasses  - which event visitors may even be able to check out.

This tech-drives-fashion statement happens Tuesday from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Maas Buildilng, 1320 N. 5th Street. The night starts with an outdoor cocktail reception, then remarks at 7 p.m. and a networking half hour to close.  Besides free drinks from sponsors Art in the Age Craft Cocktail and Shawnee Craft Brewing, guests can nab a free ride there from the new online limo “hailing”  service Uber.

For full details and reservations, sign in here: