PGW .... WOW


UPDATE: On Saturday, after this had been posted, someone from PGW reached Stagg and resolved the issue to her satisfaction.

Friday I told you the sad story of Deborah Stagg, erroneously billed close to $12,000 by PGW. ml

PGW Vice President Doug Oliver acknowledged the amount stated was wrong it was way off the language in the letter was wrong and someone from PGW would call Stagg that day (we spoke on Thursday before my column was published Friday) and get it all straightened out. (When she first got the letter she called PGW and it took someone four days to get back to her. )

Not only did someone from PGW not call Stagg, instead, amazingly, she got a 10-day notice of service cutoff. The notice also informed her she had a past-due amount of $2,210.90.
Which she does not.

By this time she must have felt as afflicted as Job, so she contacted the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission to file a complaint, which freezes everything until there is an investigation.
(Note to you: If you are having problems with PGW, call the PUC at
800-692- 7380.)
Mistakes can happen in a big company, and they do,
but here’s what is particularly dismaying in this case: First, the original letter used English so tangled no one could get the proper meaning from it without a decoder ring.
How long has PGW been in business? And it hasn’t mastered Form Letters 101? Next, when a damn VP says something is going to happen like a phone call will be made how the hell does it not happen?
I reached Oliver on Saturday and he said he “would bring that to our folks’ attention.” I hope that translates to an ass-kicking. I’d be embarrassed if I said the Daily News would do something and then it didn’t.
Ive got two words for PGW no, not those two. Customer Service.
Does everyone at PGW think because UIL, the Connecticut gas company that is ready to pay $1.86 billion for the utility,
it’s time to stop giving a crap?
I believe PGW has been run better in recent years, but when it starts screwing the pooch on basics you have to wonder what kind of a mess lies ahead.