Saturday, April 25, 2015

Be magnanimous in victory, John

Sticking it to two unions, even if they asked for it, is a self-defeating strategy

Be magnanimous in victory, John

John McNichol (right), is the CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
John McNichol (right), is the CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

It’s over and the guys in the suits won.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center management got four of six unions to agree to new, relaxed work rules that should help attract new business to the center that was in serious trouble.

Carpenters Local 8 and Teamsters Local 107 failed to sign by the deadline and now have been barred from working at the center.

This is a big mistake that may easily lead to trouble, if not violence, at PCC.

Both the Carpenters and the Teamsters missed the deadline to sign, yes, and both, especially the Carpenters have been a huge pain in the butt, forcing antiquated work rules on exhibitors, who then spread the word to avoid Philadelphia.

My guess is the union leaders delayed signing as a final, futile form of protest.

I’m a guy who’s big on deadlines, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

I can understand PCC CEO John McNichol wanting to stick it to the unions to show them who’s really in charge.

That’s a mistake. The unions know who’s in charge. They lost and they know it.

It doesn’t serve any good purpose to humiliate them, and bar them from their jobs. No good will come of it.

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