Debt cleared


This might not have been the most emotional thing I ever wrote -- about a vendor who had done work for city, was promised payment in 30 days and didn't get it for six months -- but it shares a frustration that many businesses feel when dealing with the city.

OK, so I just heard from the vendor that the city's promised check arrived.

Two cheers!

After the column ran, I heard from one former vendor who told me when companies he worked for dealt with the city they would add on an additional 20 percent or so, knowing they would get late payment from the city.

In most business, I am told, payment within 30 days is the norm. If payment is later than that, the vendor is basically making the city a loan. The vendor has paid to get the merchandise and to replace it, needs to be paid by his customer. If his customer is late, it gums up the works.

I got one guy on the record telling me that. If you want to come forward with a horror story, or your "tax" on the city's inefficiency, I am prepared to listen. That's why I make the mediocre bucks.