No SS in the can

A few weeks back I did a column on my "hate plan" to fix Social Security

and the way things go, columnists rarely have the space to include everything they know. Or think they know.

One of the questions I got answered, but didn't fit into the column, was what happens if someone receiving Social Security benefits is sentenced to jail for a crime. Do they still get the monthly check and, if so, how? Deposited to a prison savings account? Transferred into cigarets?

The answer, if turns out, is this: If you are jailed, your checks stop until you are out.

While I don't disagree with that, as a purely intellectual exercise, I ask myself why the checks stop. Those are benefits you have earned through your deposits into the system, so why should they be stopped because you are in jail? Sure, it helps reduce the strain on the system, but it stikes me as a little unfair.

Not planning to make a crusade of it, though.

If you are looking to kill some time, it's all explained at