Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ravens vs Niners

What's an Eagle follower to do

Ravens vs Niners

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As Eagles fans, we're used to warming the bench on Super Bowl Day. It's our sad fate.

But it's nice to have a rooting interest, and the Ravens have Philly connections. The coach, John Harbaugh, worked for the Eagles. QB Joe Flacco is the pride of Audubon, N.J.

How can you not love the inspirational story of offensive tackle Michael "Blind Side" Oher?

But then there's Ray Lewis, who in recenr years seems to have found God, or tackled Jesus, anyway. Lewis is a great player, but since this is his last year -- not true for the other Ravens -- I guess I'll root for the 49ers.

Some of you will argue, I know you will, but that's my call. 49ers by 4 points.

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