Drexel Men's Varsity Eight Wins the Kerr Cup

Philadelphia - Drexel's men's varsity eight captured the Dr. Thomas Kerr Cup at the 45th Annual Kerr Cup Regatta on the Schuylkill River. In addition to the Kerr Cup, the Dragons' men's novice eight boat, men's pair, and men's freshmen four crossed the finish line first in the finals.

Drexel's men's varsity eight clocked a first-place time of 5:40.8. The Unnamed Empacher boat featured coxswain Randall Lee, stroke Kurt Linton, Gregg Francis, Aleksandar Radovic, Lorenzo Albala, Michael Faust, Kyle Fabel, Timothy Drake and bow Jacob Sloan. Fordham crossed the finish line second with a time of 5:50.0. The Dragons' men's second varsity eight, in the Annette Pennoni boat, placed third with a time of 5:52.2.

The men's novice eight finished first with at time of 5:54.68. The Peggy Greenawalt included coxswain Marc Smith, stroke John Pieper, Vanja Busic, Sebastian Ryan, Marcus DeMarici, Ryan McSpedon, Steven Miner, Matthew Ryan and bow Ross Morris.

Stroke Liam O'Neill and bow Peter Schmidt, in the Katherine Buckley boat, crossed the finish line first at 7:03.04. La Salle followed with a time of 7:10.2 for second place.

The men's freshmen four was the final Drexel boat to claim first place. The LeBow C.O.B crossed the finish line in a time of 6:33.0. The boat featured with coxswain Dana Piccoli, stroke Vanja Busic, Sebastian Ryan, Marcus DeMarici and bow Matt Ryan.

Men's Varsity 8 Final – Dr. Thomas Kerr Cup
1. Drexel A 5:40.8
2. Fordham 5:50.0
3. Drexel B 5:52.2
4. La Salle 5:53.0
5. Army 5:55.2
6. Villanova 6:14.6

Men's Novice 8 Final
1. Drexel 5:54.68
2. La Salle 6:04.2
3. Army 6:17.0
4. Fordham 6:38.4
5. Villanova 6:50.7
6. VCU 6:56.9

Men's Pair Final
1. Drexel 7:03.04
2. La Salle 7:10.2
3. VCU 7:40.1
4. Philly U 8:01.4

Men's Varsity 4 Final
1. Philly U 6:26.8
2. Rutgers C. 6:35.3
3. Villanova B 6:36.3
4. Drexel A 6:37.5
5. Fordham 6:38.2
6. VCU 6:38.6

Men's Freshmen 4 Final
1. Drexel A 6:33.0
2. Fordham A 6:53.6
3. Army A 6:59.9
4. Army B 7:02.89
5. Merchant Marine 7:15.7
6. Philly U 7:27.9

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