Drexel Upsets Temple Men's Varsity 8 at Bergen Cup Regatta

PHILADELPHIA - Drexel stunned two-time defending champion Temple's men's Varsity 8 at the Bergen Cup Saturday in the team's final race before the Dad Vail Regatta. The Owls, however, did win gold with their Second Varsity 8 and Varsity 4 at the regatta held on the Schuylkill River Saturday morning.

"Drexel looked really good today, they made a few changes. They really were the better boat," said Temple coach Gavin White. "Our guys got behind early and just lost their rhythm."

The Varsity 8, comprised of junior James Barr (stroke), junior Nenad Ninkovic (7-seat), junior Jason Cartwright (6-seat), junior Brian Reehill (5-seat), sophomore Mike Mirabella (4-seat), senior John Masterson (3-seat), freshman Fergal Barry (2-seat), senior Scott Waters (bow) and junior Donald Norris (cox), lost by 1.8 seconds to the Dragons, marking the first loss of the season to their city rival.

The 2nd Varsity 8, comprised of junior John Boehm (stroke), junior Joe Bellesheim (7-seat), senior Jeff Wunderlich (6-seat), junior Aaron Heyde (5-seat), sophomore Maciej Grudzien (4-seat), freshman Piotr Grudzien (3-seat), junior Diordje Vilimanovic (2-seat), junior Mike VanAssche (bow) and sophomore Matthew Sbei (cox), won by nearly five seconds over Drexel's B boat. Saint Joseph's B boat placed third.

The Owls' winning Varsity 4 was comprised of sophomore Richard Ehmer (stroke), senior Nick Contino (3-seat), sophomore Chris Roberts (2-seat),junior Brandon Joyce (bow) and sophomore Nicholas Palastro (cox). Second place Philaelphia University was 6.5 seconds behind with St. Joes finishing third.

Temple's pair of  juniors John Boehm (stroke) and Alex Klein (bow) placed second in the pair competition.

Temple will take a week off for finals before returning to the Schuylkill River for the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, May 13-14.