Drexel Men's Novice Eight Wins Grand Final at Knecht Cup

Camden, N.J. – Drexel's novice eight recorded a first place finish in the grand final in the second day of racing at the 2011 Knecht Cup on the Cooper River. The men's varsity pair posted a runner-up finish while the second varsity eight took third place. The men's varsity eight also placed fifth in the grand final.

The Peggy Greenawalt boat triumphed in the novice eight grand final with coxswain Marc Smith, stroke John Pieper, Vanja Busic, Sebastian Ryan, Steven Miner, Ryan McSpedon, Ross Morris, Matthew Ryan and bow Marcus DeMarici. The Dragons clocked in at 6:10.86 more than three seconds ahead of second-place Boston College.

The men's varsity pair in the Katherine M.L. Buckley boat crossed the line in 7:32.22 just a few seconds shy behind first-place Colgate. Liam O'Neill and Peter Schmidt finished ahead of Lafayette, Fairfield and Washington College in the grand final.

Drexel crew will compete in the 2011 Kerr Cup held on Saturday, April 16 on the Schuylkill River.

Grand Final Results

Men's Varsity Pair
1. Colgate A 7:30.97
2. Drexel 7:32.22
3. Lafayette 7:39.99
4. Fairfield 7:47.28
5. Washington 7:54.13

Men's Novice Eight
1. Drexel 6:10.86
2. BC 6:13.90
3. Bucknell 6:14.30
4. Trinity 6:20.74
5. Grand Valley 6:25.94
6. Hobart 6:28.72

Men's Second Varsity Eight
1. Temple 6:14.30
2. Trinity 6:18.41
3. Drexel 6:18.53
4. SJU 6:28.26
5. Bucknell 6:28.76
6. Marietta 6:31.07

Men's Varsity Eight
1. Temple 6:00.14
2. Delaware 6:01.59
3. Trinity 6:02.33
4. Marist 6:02.66
5. Drexel 6:07.04
6. Grand Valley 6:08.01

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