Four Owls Fence At North American Cup B In Milwaukee

Blog Image 741028 - DOUGHERTY
Kamali Thompson (center)

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. - Fencing to earn points toward their U.S. Fencing National Ranking, junior Kamali Thompson and freshmen Jessica Adams, Epiphany Georges and Chantal Montrose competed in the North American Cup B held at Frontier Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisc., from Nov. 19-22. 

All four competed in the junior women's (U20) division.  Thompson (Philadelphia), who was ranked 11th heading into the tournament, placed sixth in sabre to earn a medal as a finalist.  Also fencing in the event was Adams, who placed 50th.  Skyla Powers (Georgia) won the junior women's sabre division.

Georges (Metro NYC) took home 19th in foil out of 131 entries.  Nzingha Prescod (Metro NYC) took top honors in the weapon.

In epee, Montrose (Virginia) took 88th out of 145 entries.  Katharine Holmes (Capitol) won the weapon.

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