Penn coach Al Bagnoli gives Quakers defensive lineman Brandon Copeland high praise

Penn football coach Al Bagnoli said he hasn't seen many like Brandon Copeland, the Quakers all-Ivy League defensive lineman.

``He's been a gem to work with," said Bagnoli, who is in his 20th season with the Quakers.  ``Just in terms of his personality, his work ethic, and his approach. His likebility factor is off the charts, to be honestwith you. I wish we had 50 of those kids. They are hard to come by. We knew he had the athletic traits. What we didn't realize was the kid factor. He had scholarship options, and it was competitive in recruiting him. It always is when you have a talented athlete who is also a very good student. Recruiting him was a full-time job. It was obvious right away that he was going to be something, and he got on the field early his freshman year, and hasn't come off since."