Hogan brings tour to Allentown

Nearing sixty years of age and having spent over thirty years in the ring, Hulk Hogan doesn’t engage in many headlocks or grapples these days. Instead when Hogan, who is under contact with TNA, steps into the ring he’s usually armed with a microphone.

“I don’t hit the ropes or get body slammed,” said Hogan. “Besides walking through the aisles of a grocery store, there’s not much action going on.”

On Saturday night in Allentown, the professional wrestling icon will be joined by other stars as Hulk Hogan and Friends comes to the Agri-Plex Center.

Instead of a card of matches, fans will be treated to an intimate discussion with the wrestlers as they share tales from their glory days along with answering questions from the audience. Anything goes, said Hogan as he’ll discuss what happened behind the curtain as they try to give fans a glimpse into the life of a professional wrestler.

“It gives the fans a chance to get up close and personal and ask what they want to hear,” said Hogan. “It’s kind of like unchartered waters and the fans really dig it. It’s really fun, we usually target an hour and a half, but last time we did it we ended up sitting with the audience for four hours.”

Along with Hogan, fans will see Allentown natives The Nasty Boys, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Eric Bischoff, Koko B. Ware, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Greg “The Hammer” Vallentine.

“We’re all friends, it’s kind of fun to get everyone together to remisnece,” said Hogan. “And the fans ask some of the wildest questions.”

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