Central Michigan's Trice wins

With a combined weight of over 500 pounds, Central Michigan’s Jarod Trice jostled to a 3-2 win in a long overtime match that closed out the first round of consolation matches Saturday morning at the NCAA Wrestling Championship.

Trice said he has worked extensively this season on his endurance and agility, as he is forced to work out with the Chippewas lighter, faster wrestlers due to the team not having another heavyweight. This helped him Saturday against Indiana’s Ricardo Alcala, which was the second time he had defeated him this weekend.

“I knew how he was going to wrestle. He’s going to try to hold on my head. I don’t know where they get that from, thinking I’m going to get tired,” said Trice, who later clinched third place. “I know their guy is not in better condition me, I work real hard every day.”

Late in the second overtime period, Trice was awared with an escape, which ended up being the clinching point. Alacara had seemed to have Trice ready for a takedown, until the Central Michigan wrestler stayed up using his right arm as Alcara held his leg in the air. He then flipped out of the hold to earn the point.

“We put ourselves in that situation every day, its hip defense. Break his lock; get your foot to the mat and you score.”