Britany Rogers makes history, pays back

Over three ago inside a gritty Kensington boxing gym, the young fighter looked out for the ambitions young female trainee. Although, she was in the minority, the boxer made sure she would be safe at the Front Street Gym.

On Friday night, she’ll have the chance to return the favor.

Brittany Rogers, a 22-year old Temple student, will become the youngest female trainer in the nation. (She’s quick to point out that a 20-year old female promoted a fight in London) And fighting in her main event is the boxer who took a young Rogers under his wing, “The New” Ray Robinson.

“There were fighters in there that really looked out for me when I was just getting my feet wet,” said Rogers. “I’ll never forget that, I appreciate that. I think that experience made it a lot easier to walk in as a woman.”

BAM Boxing Promotions, Rogers company, will be promoting Friday night’s card at the Northeast Armory, featuring Robinson and Lancaster’s Manuel Guzman in the main event. In order to pull the event off, Rogers was responsible for everything. From renting out chairs and a ring to applying for a liquor license and making sure the fighters were medically cleared, the 22-year-old made sure it was taken care of.

Rogers saved up a good amount of money and then raised venture capital to cover the rest. The next step was gaining the support and trust of her dad, after all it was he who turned her into the sport as a kid.

“He one upped me,” said Rogers. “Basically the venture capital that I had raised, he told me he’ll take their spot and back me financially. God-forbid if it does go under or flop, this way I don’t have outrageous interest rates to pay back. I still have to pay him back, but it’s my Dad so the interest rate isn’t there.

Heading into Friday night, Rogers said that things look good. Ticket sales are moving steadily and there’s yet to be a major obstacle to come along. She jokes that maybe it’s going too perfect.

Robinson holds a career 11-2 record, with 4 knockouts. But, the 26-year old hasn’t fought in over a year. He’s been in the gym constantly since his last fight, as he said he’s not rusty due to the long layoff.

He said that Rogers is the “most hands-on promoter” he has fought for, as she’s constantly around which shows her dedication. Friday will also be his first main event.

“I’m very humble,” said Robinson. “Very excited, I appreciate BAM and Brittany Rogers for giving me the opportunity to be on a card and even having me as the main event.”