Indy Coach Expects to Return

I waited for Philadelphia Independence coach Paul Riley to return my call last night; however, he didn't do so until Sunday morning.

"It was a devastating loss," Riley said of Western New York's PK victory over Indy Saturday night.

Riley's two-year contract with the team has run out, so I asked him if he will return as head coach next year.

"I expect to be back," said Riley, who added that he will sit down with team owner David Halstead soon.

Riley's rehiring should be a shoe-in. Named Women's Professional Soccer Coach of the Year for the second consecutive season, Riley got his team to the title game for the second straight year. Furthermore, he brought in more than a half-dozen new starters and got them to blend into a happy team.

As a result, the  fan base increased, the team had more wins than last year and scored more goals.

Halstead, in a statement on Aug. 19 said: "Paul Riley defines the identity, brand and hardworking spirit of our franchise..."

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