Pence's Arrival Energizes Phillies

Hunter Pence made his Phillies debut on Saturday and Placido Polanco returned from the DL. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Hunter Pence brings plenty positives to the Phillies but most of all his arrival has energized a team that despite its 67-39 record, can always use a jolt.

The baseball season is a grind and while the Phillies have been winning with machine-like precision, the same routine at times gets a little stale.

Pence, who went 1 for 5 with an RBI in his Phillies debut, is not only an all-star performer with a rife arm, but he has brought a spark to a team that is entering the proverbial dog days of August.

“He is somebody who really hustles and has a real passion for playing the game,” said Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. “He not only brings some offense to our lineup but will also bring some life, he will bring some energy.”

Pence admits that losing can beat down even the most enthusiastic of players. And if anybody hasn't checked, his former team the Houston Astros have the worst record in baseball.

“Wins kind of give you a different demeanor and you can see it in the people all around,” Pence said after his first Phillies game. “The way it was going in Houston the demeanor, was rough, and it was hard on you to lose every night.”

So Pence no longer feels the burden of losing.

Pence is an energy player to begin with, even while he was competing for some horrid Houston Astros teams. So imagine what it is like now that he is on a team where the only expectation is to win the World Series.