Top 3 fitness myths - busted

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Are you ready to play fitness fact or fiction? There is a lot of information out there regarding what makes a workout work - but not all of... Read more

The right way to align your feet in yoga poses

The feet are often the literal foundation of yoga poses, yet they are largely overlooked. And for good reason: it’s hard to be aware... Read more

The worst ab exercise you can do

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With only 10 weeks left until Memorial Day weekend, many people have started to think about working out. Maybe you’re planning to try... Read more

Why is 76er Ben Simmons’ foot fracture taking so long to heal?

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As a fan, the resurgence of the Sixers this year has been exciting to watch. So I was disappointed to hear that Ben Simmons would be missing... Read more

Pain-proof your workout: 3 exercises to strengthen sore knees

Does the thought of leg exercises make you weak in the knees? If you suffer from knee discomfort, finding the right fitness plan can be challenging... Read more

What a physical therapist wants you to know about your blood

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As a physical therapist, I analyze movement on a daily basis. To the dismay of my family and friends, I often pick out various biomechanical... Read more

Q&A with a SoulCycle instructor: Everything you need to know about the new cult class

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A popular indoor cycling program is parking its wheels in Philly next week. SoulCycle, which grew a cult-like following in New York, is opening... Read more

Workout woes: 3 fitness-related side effects and how to fix them

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Does your fitness routine make you feel funny? I’m not talking about knock-knock joke funny, I mean runny nose, side stitches and bubbly... Read more