Workout Revival: 7 training styles as one

Certified personal trainer Batrice ‘Tru’ Adams has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. She has earned countless certifications over that time period including those as a group exercise instructor, Train Dirty Fitness VIP trainer, Fierce Funk trainer and kickboxing.

As you can see, Adams doesn’t favor one exercise method, instead opting for variety and versatility. That’s why she created a specialized training style called B.R.Y.C.K.E.D. Up Fitness.

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Batrice 'Tru' Adams.

“The more different, the better when I train personally. It just made sense for me to try and incorporate everything that motivates and inspires me and put it into one workout,” she said of her creation.

The foundation for the classes she teaches are: boot camp, resistance, yoga, cardio, kickboxing, endurance and dance. These components not only make up the acronym, but also are what you’ll find in every B.R.Y.C.K.E.D. Up class.

Adams might not have one specific style of training, but she does have one just training philosophy and that's working your entire body. In the workouts she creates she tries to tweak them as much as possible to incorporate moves that are compound in nature, working multiple muscle groups at once.

“I try to push my clients toward accepting the whole body is a better body mentality,” she said. “A lot of women come to me with questions like, ‘How do I get rid of my inner thigh?’ Well, I’m not going to you an inner thigh exercise, because that’s not going to do it. You still need that interval training, you need those highs and lows, and you still need that full body impact. There’s nothing that’s going to alleviate this one problem you see that you have.”

The way she conducts her classes can be described with several adjectives: intense, passionate, challenging, psychotic, just to name a few.

“I really challenge them to do much more than what is required. I just want to make people stronger, more so than they think they can be. Because of that I can be a little crazy. Some people might say I’m a little mean,” Adams said with a chuckle, “and I’m OK with that. I just love what I do.”

Adams just wants her clients to push themselves. She understands the ‘bigger, faster, stronger’ mantra, but tends to play her hand closer to the vest to avoid injury and promote safety during her workouts.

“I always ask them why they’re there. I get a lot of people that initially underestimate their ability and they tend to stop when it’s uncomfortable, not impossible,” she explained.

Adams will be a presenter and instructing two B.R.Y.C.K.E.D. Up Fitness classes this weekend at the SCW Fitness Convention happening right here in Philadelphia. 

Without further ado, Adams explains her HIIT workout:

Lateral ski with leg thrusters (1 minute total)

Jump as far as you can to the side. Once you land, immediately squat down placing hands on the floor and jump back with both feet. Jump back into a standing position before repeating the ski in the opposite direction.

Spider plank with one legged pike pushup (8 reps per side)

While in a high plank position, bring one knee up towards the shoulder on the same side. Then sweep that leg back and up to the ceiling until you're in a one-legged downward facing dog position. Making sure the head is between the arms, do one pike push up.

Air jack with sumo squat (45 seconds total)

Jump as high as you can, spreading your arms and feet. As you land, keep the feet wide and fall into a low squat. Try to power up into the next air jack from that position rather than to stand fully and then jump.

V-up with raised leg side pulse crunch (15 seconds each side)

Starting fully extended on your back (arms above head), perform one V Up, bringing arms and legs up towards the ceiling and return to start. Then come back into a V Up, but this time pulse to the right and then left of both feet before returning to the start position.

Curtsy lunge pulse with quick feet (5 rounds for each leg)

Crossing one leg behind and to the side of the other, making sure the front leg's knee is over the ankle. Pulse four times before returning the leg to the start position. Immediately begin quick feet for ten seconds before repeating the curtsy pulse on the opposite leg.

Ab circle with double crunch (10 sets for each direction)

Lying on your back and keeping feet together, lift your legs up and perform one full rotation clockwise, reaching out as far as you can on the right and left side of the rotation. Immediately bring the knees in as you do one double crunch before completing a second ab circle. Try to keep the feet off the floor during the movement. After 10 are performed going clockwise, complete another 10 going counter-clockwise.

Bear crawl with shifting squat (4 sets)

Walking on hands and feet, take about 4 steps forward then push yourself up into a low, wide squat. Staying low, shift your weight from side to side ten times without moving your feet. Immediately return to the bear crawl posting and take four steps backwards before the second squat shifts.

Low plank with side plank and hip drop (10 per side)

Starting on your forearms and toes, rotate the body into a side plank position. Then drop the hip and push back into a side plank before returning to the low plank to switch sides. ​

If you have any questions or comments about the workout or CrossFit in general, you can always reach Batrice Adams at

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