Weight Lifting 101: A beginner’s guide to making gains

Resistance training ranks high on the list of 2017 training trends.  If you are new to the weightlifting world - welcome, and congratulations for taking the first steps necessary to improving your blood pressure, slimming your waistline and helping prevent diseases, such as diabetes and osteoporosis.  Before you start revving up your resistance routine, it is important to learn the basic do’s and don’ts of weightlifting to ensure proper execution and safety during your workout.

Don’t: Subscribe to a No Pain, No Gain Policy

If you are gauging the success of your workouts by how sore your muscles feel post-pump, you are focusing on the wrong factors.  While muscle tenderness can be a side effect of exercise, it may also be an indicator that you are injuring yourself.  Rather than spending hours focusing on the same exercises every day, switch up your routine to ensure that you are safely and effectively hitting different muscles groups with each workout.

Do: Pace Yourself

If you want muscles to grow, take your resistance training slow.  In order to rule your reps, you must master proper form first.  Not only does this help in preventing injuries, it also aids in targeting the specific muscle groups you aim to amplify.  Before buffing up, spend adequate time perfecting your moves.  A solid foundation is necessary for any workout to be successful.  When it comes to weight training, more is not more.  Once you are confident and comfortable with the mechanics, graduate on by implementing heavier weights.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Break-up with Your Bodybuilding Routine

If you aren’t pleased with the way your pump up plan is going, move on!  Not all weightlifting circuits are created equally, and you shouldn’t be tied down to a toning routine you hate.  Think of your workout as a relationship - if your weight training isn’t adding much to your life, dump it and ask if you can still share a Netflix account.  Try not to be discouraged when searching for a plan that is right for you.  Rather than throwing in the towel, continue exploring other exercises until you find one that motivates and challenges you.

Earn it.

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