We Tried It: Thor's Thunder Workout

If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner superhero, here’s your chance! Philadelphia Sports Clubs have unleashed THOR's Thunder Workout — a high-intensity MMA-style workout inspired by Marvel’s latest smash film, THOR: The Dark World.  

Marvel approached Town Sports International’s New York club to develop a workout that would rival the film’s fight scenes and Eli Ingram, New York Sports Clubs’ head master trainer, tackled the job — which has since trickled down to Philly.

Whipping you into god-like shape, THOR'S Thunder Workout is a cross-training, total-body workout with cardio kickboxing techniques incorporated to make sure you’re keeping your heart rate up.

Just like Thor himself, you’re given a "hammer" to swing and chop during all the exercises. Choreographed maneuvers like hammer slams, flying hammer side lunges, and rotational hammer tosses help you maintain the essence of Thor’s combat moves. (Think LOTS of fun variations on push-ups, punches, lunges and squats.) The majority of the class features individual exercises, but you’re also paired up to participate in non-contact battle scenes for a portion of the workout.

Hammer slams, squats and Thor punches may sound intimating but PSC’s personal trainer and group exercise instructor Vivian Camphor promises all exercises are easily modifiable. 

“With all things, you do what you can. Everyone knows their limits and knows their bodies, so you challenge yourself and push yourself but not to point where you feel like you’re about to die, that’s not what this is about.” 

No, this class is about fun, and channeling your inner superhero makes those 45 sweaty minutes fly by. “I like the power moves, the explosive jumping and power slams. They’re great because when I was learning the class, I could really get into character with those moves and work out my aggression in a fun way,” said Camphor.

“It’s perfect for this time of the year — if you’re a little stressed with the holidays approaching, it’s a workout that kind of takes you away from all of that and gives you an outlet to relieve all that added pressure and stress. “

And don’t be discouraged by the hammer — it’s more of a fun prop than a heavy weight so you should still be able to lift your arms above your head when you’re done. While one class didn’t leave me with a physique to envy Thor’s, I did awake to sore muscles, which makes this class totally worth a try!

The Thor Thunder Workout will be offered FREE to members and non-members at Philadelphia Sports Clubs’ Market Street location through mid-December. (Just in time to fight off the holiday pounds, literally!)

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