Triathlon to kick off Hunting Park Family Fun & Fitness Day

Tomorrow will mark the 3rd Annual Hunting Park Family Fun & Fitness Day, a now-annual event held in one of the city’s more scenic areas.

Every member of the family is invited to take place in this celebration, which is highlighted by a morning Triathlon. The event, hosted by TriYouthalon (in partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation), offers opportunities for family members age 7 and up to participate.

The race begins promptly at 8 a.m. (with a pre-race participant meeting at 7 a.m.) and features the following events:

Swim: Participants will swim a pre-determined number of lengths of the 25-meter pool according to age:

Ages 7-11— 75 meters (three lengths)

Ages 12-16— 175 meters (seven lengths)

Adults— 175 meters (seven lengths)

Bike: Once you’re out of the pool, it’s right onto the 1.5-mile bike course for a few laps.

Ages 7-11—2 laps (three miles)

Ages 12-16— 4 laps (six miles)

Adult—4 laps (six miles)

Run: The event concludes with a ½ mile run for athletes age 7-11, and a one-miler for everyone ages 12 and above.

Some athletes will skip the initial swim portion of the race, opting to begin AND finish the event with a run. For these ‘duathletes’ the initial run will be ¼ mile for ages 7-11; and ½ miles for ages 12 and above. These participants will still be required to complete the final run after the bike portion of the event.

After the triathlon’s conclusion, Family Fun & Fitness Day continues with an afternoon Resource Fair featuring various community organizations. The day concludes with ‘Movies in the Park’ starting precisely at 8 p.m.

Registration for the Family triathlon is open until this afternoon! For more information, go to

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