The 'Million Mile Run' for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

In founding Alex’s Lemonade Stand, young Alexandra “Alex” Scott utilized her passion for selling lemonade to raise awareness and find cures for childhood cancer.

Next month, her father Jay will turn his own passion—running—into a means of raising those same funds in his daughter’s memory.

Jay Scott, Co-Executive Director of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, is issuing a challenge to all supporters to collectively run (or walk) 1 million miles this September. The event takes place throughout National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and is appropriately dubbed “The Million Mile Run.”

Individuals—and teams of several people—are invited to make a pledge to run or walk 100 miles during September, while maintaining personal donation pages to keep followers updated on their progress toward their 100 miles and solicit donations towards finding a cure.

100 miles in a month may sound daunting—but for a family of four, it’s a one-mile walk or run each day for each member of the family—and you can take one day off per week. If just 10,000 individuals or families sign up and complete this task—that’s one million miles.

Just 10,000? It may sound like a big number—but it’s lower than the number of children or adolescents who will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the United States alone. If each participant were able to raise $10/mile, that would be $10 million toward childhood cancer awareness and the hope of someday finding a cure.

Representatives of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation point out that Alex Scott hoped to raise $1 million for childhood cancer awareness—and accomplished that goal before passing away at the age of 8.

By comparison, $10 million in a month doesn’t seem all too challenging.

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