Phillies' doc named head of MLB team physicians

Philadelphia Phillies’ Team Physician and Sports Doc panelist Michael G. Ciccotti, MD, has been elected the 2013 President of Major League Baseball’s Team Physician Association (TPA).

Dr. Ciccotti, Chief of Sports Medicine at the Rothman Institute, was elected via vote by members of the TPA. He succeeds Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph, MD, Head Team Physician for the Chicago White Sox.

“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by my peers,” said Dr. Ciccotti. “I am looking forward to this leadership role and representing the group to the best of my abilities.”

As president, Dr. Ciccotti will act as medical liaison between the Commissioner’s office, the TPA and the Major League Baseball Players Association. Dr. Ciccotti will preside over the Major League Baseball TPA’s meetings in New York later this year.

This is an exciting time in Major League Baseball—medically speaking,” said Dr. Ciccotti. “Issues such as the use of performance enhancing drugs, concussions and research on the various types of baseball injuries will be just some of the projects we will focus on.

“Through our research relevant to the sport of baseball, analytical surveillance of baseball injuries, critical review of our shared clinical experience and development of injury prevention recommendations, we will be able to provide the best care for these athletes.”

Later this week, Sports Doc will talk with Dr. Ciccotti to learn more about his appointment and some of his plans for the 2013 season.