National Running Day: Team in Training and Shana's story

Today is National Running Day, and individuals and organizations across the country plan to celebrate their favorite pastime by taking to the roads… or paths, or even treadmills.

Team in Training (TNT) is no different. The group plans to celebrate National Running Day with a 3-mile run—at your own pace—originating from Lululemon (41 St. Georges Road, Ardmore) at 6:30 p.m.

TNT is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s endurance sports training program. Team members raise money by participating in half-marathons, marathon, triathlons, and other endurance events. Some team members are long-time accomplished endurance athletes. But many more are people like Shana Genkin.

Genkin is a kindergarten teacher in Lafayette Hill. She describes herself as ‘particularly uncoordinated’ yet she’s completed two consecutive Philadelphia Marathons plus a series of half-marathons. This year, she’s training for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.

Shana got involved with TNT not long after her mother-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia. “It happened right before my wedding, and her treatment was difficult,” she recalls. “I remember when she told me, ‘Well, I’ll see you get married and at least I can die happy.’ I told her she needed to wait for a grandchild.”

After Shana and her new husband had a son, her mother-in-law remarked how glad she was to have seen the child, and that now she could go in peace.

Shana’s response: “No way. You’ve got to be here for the Bar Mitzvah.”

“I run to raise money for her, and for so many other people fighting battles just like hers,” explains Shana. “Right now, we’re helping to fund one of the medicines my mother-in-law uses, so that really brings the cause full circle.”

So far, all is going according to Shana’s (latest) plan. While her son is only four years old—still years away from his Bar Mitzvah—indications are that Grandma will be around for a long while.

“She is in remission right now, but aside from a few side effects from her medications, she’s doing great!” says Shana.

Best of all, her four-year-old grandson is Mom’s biggest fan and cheerleader. “He comes along to all the events to cheer on TNT,” says Shana. “He understands that Grandma (he calls her “Bubbie”) has cancer which makes her sick, and that by running these races we raise money to help people who are sick.”

“What’s interesting about National Running day is it brings together people from all levels of running,” Shana concludes. “We all have different motivations—everything from finishing that marathon to raising money for cancer.”

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