In His Words: Vince Market

Vince Market is a 50-year old born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He is happily married with children who have always supported him every step of the way. Vince was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 47 and after three years he is cancer-free. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and going on long walks.

Is this your first year participating in the Gary Papa Run:

No, I joined the run two years ago with my family and friends. After a wonderful Father’s Day, I decided to bring together a larger group to run with my family and me. This year I have a team of about twenty five family and friends participating. As a survivor, it’s a great day in your road to recovery!

What does running in the Gary Papa Run mean to you:

This event is important to me because it has helped create awareness for prostate cancer, raised money for the fight, and united survivors and family and friends on this special day. This event is appropriately held on Father’s Day in memory of Gary Papa.

How was the process of removing the prostate cancer:

I decided to have my prostate removed via robotic-assisted surgery within two months of being diagnosed. There was extensive testing conducted leading up to the surgery, so your life does become quite focused on your illness and its treatment. As for the surgery, I was extremely pleased with its outcome. The procedure, in the hands of a skilled surgeon, was amazing. After a five-hour procedure, I was only hospitalized overnight, and was fit enough to go back to work within a couple of weeks. In fact, I was back exercising by walking five miles a day within that same time frame. 

What advice would you give to someone who recently got diagnosed with prostate cancer:

The best advice is to expect to have some difficulty immediately following the procedure. In most cases, the adverse effects of surgery dissipate as time goes on, and there is plenty of support available if you continued to be challenged with post-surgery issues.

Are there any special people who helped you get through this:

I am eternally grateful to the medical team handling my case as well as my employer, which was very supportive, and finally to my family; especially my wife and children, and friends who helped me cope with my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

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