Find Your Trainer coming soon to Philly

The excuses for not working out can be boundless it seems. No time. You are uncomfortable working out at a gym, but you don’t even consider a personal trainer because you are not Beyoncé.

Or maybe you have worked out with personal trainers at your gym or studio, but find the whole sales pitch process of trainers coming up to you on the floor uncomfortable.

David Hung, CEO and co-founder of a new online service, Find Your Trainer, wants to streamline the process of finding a personal trainer so that you will have no more excuses for making some healthy changes in your life.

“FYT is the Uber for personal training. We make it super easy to find your personal trainer,” explained Hung.

The way the website works is that you answer a few questions like how often you work out, what your fitness goals are, what trainer style you prefer and what days and times are best for you. You are also asked for your neighborhood or zip code and whether you would like the personal trainer to come to your home or the gym in your apartment building, or to a local gym or studio.

“A lot of people don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. People want to work out, but are intimidated,” Hung said.

Once you have answered all the questions, Find Your Trainer will recommend to you a list of personal trainers who meet your criteria. Then it is just up to you to peruse their profiles to see who would make the best match for your needs.

All the scheduling and payments are done online and you are not required to commit to large packages so you don’t have to feel obligated to stay with one trainer. Feel free to switch up the instructors you work out with until you find the perfect match.

Making working out with a personal trainer super affordable has always been important to Hung as well so the one hour sessions tend to range from $49/hr to $69/hr. Another plus is that if you choose to meet a trainer at a gym or studio you are not required to have a membership in order to work out there.

While right now Find Your Trainer is just offered in New York City, in September they will be launching in Philadelphia.

“We hope to have 10 in-home trainers as well as 5-10 gyms and their trainers on board in Philadelphia and the Main Line area.”

For Hung, this has always been more than a business to him, it is personal.

“When I was in college, I didn’t exercise or eat well and by the time I got to graduate school, I felt horrible and knew I needed to make a change. By the time I finished law school I had lost 50 lbs.”

“Getting fit and healthy can change your life.”

To learn more about Find Your Trainer, check out their New York City website here.

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