Enjoy exercise: 3 tips for making fitness fun

Does your workout need an energy boost?  If you are a few weeks into your New Year, new me program and the ticker on your motivation monitor is quickly dropping, it’s time to batten down the hatches and rescue your routine from the rough waters of weight gain.  Try the following workout tweaks to take your workout from drab to fab in no time.

Just like music. It is amazing how a little music can make all the difference in your workout.  Change the station, and your tempo, to find the right rhythm to help you move effortlessly through each exercise.  Stick with tunes that energize and excite you.  For running and spinning, find a song where each beat is synchronized with your stride or wheel revolution.  When weight lifting, aim for a rep per beat.  Keeping your mind focused on your music is a great distraction for winning your workout.

A change of view. Sometimes a new point of view is enough to change your entire workout world.  If the majority of your weight resistance routine is in the machine area of the gym, switch it up by going over to the free weight section instead.  Not only will you shock and strengthen your muscles by incorporating new exercises, you will also keep your brain from melting out of your ear from the monotony of a way too familiar fitness routine.

When it comes to exercising, don’t be afraid to explore, experiment and experience new environments.  Your brain and body will be happy you did.

Goal Oriented.  One of the major blunders that occurs with a new workout routine is setting fitness goals that are unrealistic and unattainable.  Reaching your target weight takes time. 

Look at your workout as an opportunity to build not only muscles, but confidence as well.  Set a single goal for each workout.  For example, if getting to the gym is a challenge for you, just showing up is your goal for the day.  If you have a hard time running more than twenty minutes, extend your course for an additional five or ten minutes.  The objective is to aim outside of your comfort zone, but still fall within your reach.  Not only will you feel empowered by conquering your goal, you will feel motivated to push forward because you know you can.

Don’t let your workout get you in a rut.

Earn it.


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