App of the Week: ARGUS Motion and Fitness Tracker

Past App of the Week features have looked at programs that help you track your daily workouts, your calorie intake, or your mileage while running or biking.

This week’s App attempts to combine a number of these features—and more—into one to promote all facets of healthy living.

ARGUS Motion and Fitness Tracker allows you to automatically track all fitness activities, record your distance and pace while running, keep records of your dietary habits—even monitor your sleep patterns to ensure you’re getting sufficient shut-eye.

But perhaps ARGUS’ most interesting feature is its daily step tracker, which promises exactly what it delivers—keeping a record of the number of steps you take daily. Conventional wisdom maintains that taking at least 10,000 steps per day is optimal for maintaining physical fitness—ARGUS does the hard part for you with the counting. Now all you have to do is take the steps!

Using ARGUS will require keeping your phone on you at all times. After a few days of use, ARGUS will begin to build your profile. As you enter data you can view any of your stats in a “honeycomb” layout, and use the Trends feature to compare two features—for example, if you think you get more sleep on nights where you’ve been more active, ARGUS will allow you to compare your number of steps taken to your hours of sleep.

The app promises minimal power consumption and can run 24/7 in the background of your home screen. ARGUS comes free of charge and can be downloaded from iTunes.

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