App of the Week: Women's Health 28-Day Fat Blaster

Just in time for the new software update, Women’s Health has launched a new fitness App—the 28-Day Fat Blaster (compatible with iPad, iTouch and the iPhone) to help users literally shake up their fitness routines.

The App, which can be downloaded from iTunes for $2.99, offers three different training modes to help users burn fat—power, strength, and endurance.

After choosing your approach, a user simply shakes the device and is presented with five random workouts designed to target that area of fitness. For example, after choosing “endurance” the App produced a workout that included lunges, dumbbell presses, alternating dumbbell lunges, single-arm rows, and finally a set of jumping jacks. All of these exercising are designed, obviously, to burn fat while improving stamina. Choosing one of the other two categories targets your fitness in power or strength.

Each workout takes you through five sets of each of the selected activities, aiding you by providing animated pictures of a person performing each exercise. All told, you can complete a day’s workout in 25-30 minutes—and with limited equipment required.

The 28-Day Fat Blaster tracks your progress by recording the date, type and level of completion of each workout. For example, if you stop after two sets of each exercise, this category will display the date, time of day, and “2/5 circuits.”

“This new app from Women’s Health helps you shake up your fitness routine–literally–by shaking your phone to change the selected exercises in your workout,” said Jen Ator, Women’s Health fitness editor and certified trainer. “Stick with three 30 minute workouts a week, and you’ll start to see results within 28 days. Don’t forget to switch between training modes—Power, Strength, and Endurance—for the full effect.”

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