A Super Bowl fitness challenge

The players are ready to compete on the field. The fans are ready to cheer in the stadium. And you are ready to sit on your couch and eat a plethora of game day goodies.
But how about throwing an interception on this modern day food fest and turning it into an aerobic activity?

A lot of recent exercise programs are geared toward interval training, exercise interspersed with periods of relief or rest, and it does have some great benefits. The evidence shows that small bursts of aerobic activity can actually burn more calories than longer, moderate activity. Therefore, adding some squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks to your plate during the Super Bowl could offset your caloric intake and get your blood flowing to keep your heart and body healthy.
So, get moving and incorporate this Super Bowl Workout into your viewing of the big game on Sunday.

Steve Williams, M.D. is the Senior Vice President for Rehabilitation Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

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