Joel Embiid completes Philadelphia tradition of being forced to eat cheesesteak

In a Philadelphia tradition as ancient as buying all-purpose meat by the barrel, Sixers draft pick and future co-rim menace Joel Embiid was parked in front of the main cheesesteak institutions of the city and asked to eat one so that the Sixers PR rep could snap his picture and tweet it out.

Of course by now, we all know that Pat's and Geno's are both overvalued and the real cheesesteak shacks are hidden in further locations throughout the area - and when you find a new one you should keep it to yourself to avoid it becoming the next Pat's or Geno's.

But hey, no, this is novel and fun. Embiid looks like he's having a good time and is exactly the kind of engaging player that these sort of stunts are made for. 

Anyways, welcome to the city, Joel Embiid. That will not be your last cheesesteak.

Now. Enjoy this picture of Embiid in an Iverson throwback.