Iverson's ex: AI has abducted the children

Allen Iverson and his ex-wife Tawanna.

The sad spectacle continues, playing out occasionally in public, in court filings, interminably. Now his ex-wife Tawanna says that Allen Iverson has abducted his children and she has, according to TMZ, filed court papers to get them back.

The way the story goes, Tawanna granted Allen permission to take the kids on vacation from May 22 to 26 but has since refused to return them to her custody, instead keeping them in a Georgia hotel. Tawanna, whose divorce from Iverson laid bare the former star's troubles -- how he has squandered pretty much all of the millions, and how he is ruining himself with alcohol -- has now gone to court again, according to TMZ, to get the kids back and also to get Iverson thrown into jail.

The collision of sadness and predictability here is spectacular. Even as this incident gets resolved, however it gets resolved, gravity just continues to grab this man and his life. The whole thing is just gathering speed, downward.

To pretend to predict the next thing is not worth the energy -- and for everyone who says they always saw this as the future for the Sixers' tormented superstar, well, that does not make this any easier to watch. It just seems more and more certain that the ending is, while unknown, going to be frightening in the absence of some kind of intervention.

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