Hal Greer is diplomatic when asked to compare Joel Embiid & Wilt

With his wife Mayme and family members, NBA champion and Sixers legend Hal Greer honored with a statue at the Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex in Camden Saturday February 11, 2017.

Hall of Fame guard Hal Greer, who spent his entire 15-year NBA career with the Syracuse Nationals/Philadelphia 76ers and remains an avid fan of his former team. Living in Scottsdale, Arizona, he says he pays close attention to the Sixers and is impressed with among others, Joel Embiid.

Following Saturday's unveiling of a statue in honor of Greer at the Sixers practice facility, he provided a diplomatic response when asked if he sees any similarities between Embiid and his old teammate Wilt Chamberlain.

"Wilt was in class by himself," Greer said. "...Wilt and (Bill) Russell, they don't come around too often."

Then about Embiid, Greer said, "He'll learn though. He's learning."

Greer says he truly appreciates Embiid's skill set.

"He impressed me, I didn't think a big guy like that could shoot so well," Greer said. "He shoots extremely well for a big guy. The kids are young and make a lot of mistakes but the coach will get them right."