Evan Turner talked trash to Andre Iguodala and it didn't work so well

Golden State Warriors' Andre Iguodala, left, greets Philadelphia 76ers' Evan Turner at the end of the second half of an NBA basketball game on Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, in Philadelphia. The Warriors won 110-90. (Michael Perez/AP)

If Andre Iguodala seemed extra motivated throughout his 32 point performance in the Warriors' win over the Sixers on Monday night, it’s because he was.

Iguodala, who spent eight seasons with the Sixers before being shipped to Denver last summer, would have already been motivated to make a statement in his homecoming. Sixers swingman Evan Turner only added fuel to the fire.

“Evan actually texted me right after they beat the Bulls. He was kind of talking trash,” Iguodala said after the Warriors’ win.

“He said you’re next,” alluding to Igoudala’s Warriors being next in line to succumb to the surprising Sixers.

Turner’s trash talk obviously didn’t work so well, as Iguodala went off for a career-high seven three-pointers, several under Turner’s own defensive watch.

Iguodala apparently wasn’t even concerned about scoring heading into the contest, but instead was looking to shut down Turner, who he views as an ultimate competitor.

"[Turner is] the ultimate competitor, no matter who he’s going against. Actually, I wanted to shut him out tonight," he said. "I wasn’t even thinking about scoring.”

Considering that he averaged less than 10 points per game prior to his 32-point outburst, maybe Iguodala shouldn’t think about scoring more often.

Also, considering the recent repercussions, maybe Turner should reconsider his trash-talking tactics.