ESPN suspends Simmons from Twitter

Bill Simmons is often credited with being one of the most powerful personalities at ESPN. He has legions of loyal followers and fans and is among the company’s most-read contributors.

However, even someone as popular and powerful as Simmons can still get in trouble with the old boss from time to time.

According to Deadspin, ESPN has suspended Simmons from using Twitter for a few days after he used the social media service to criticize a segment on a First Take telecast.

Simmons called the segment, in which Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman verbally attacked ESPN personality Skip Bayless on air, “awful and embarrassing.”

These tweets apparently violated ESPN’s social networking guidelines, and Simmons has since been silenced.

The suspension however will not be a long one, as Deadspin reported that Simmons will be able to freely use the social media site again tomorrow.

This suspension is not the first time Simmons has been at odds with ESPN’s policies. In 2009 he was suspended from using Twitter for two weeks after he referred to some ESPN radio affiliates as “deceitful scumbags.”